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Presentation and Private Room Opportunities
MoneyShow offers several presentation opportunities for you to showcase your product or service: 30- and 60-minute product presentations, Bull Pen presentations, and consultation/hospitality suites. Each product is different, but all are designed to complement your booth by providing you with an opportunity to educate the audience on the benefits of your product or service. Studies show that the average attendee initially spends 3-5 minutes on their first visit to your booth but by attending one of your presentations you have uninterrupted time to fully describe your product and its benefits. And, you can be assured of their interest because they are investing their valuable time to see, hear, and learn about YOU!

To get the maximum amount of time to showcase your company, your products, and your services to interested attendees, choose the new 30- or 60-minute presentation format. These longer sessions are perfect for live demonstrations, audience participation, multiple presenters, in-depth analyses, competitions/games, panel discussions, and more!
These sessions:
  • Provide you with 30-minutes or an hour to engage with interested attendees onsite
  • Enable you to generate qualified leads and start conversations with potential customers
  • Generate opportunities to cover an enormous amount of content and go into in-depth detail about who you are, what you do, and the benefits you provide to clients
  • Attract only those that want to know more about you: your best prospects
  • Give you an opportunity to drive attendees to your booth onsite
  • Combined with a Webcast, you have the ability to expand your onsite audience to include thousands of interested digital viewers!

A highly visible Bull Pen/Trading Pit presentation provides you with a 30-minute opportunity to present your product from the stage in the exhibit hall. By combining the excitement of the exhibit hall you can captivate a large audience that you may have missed in your workshop or at your booth. Bull Pen/Trading Pit presentations are not available at all shows; please ask your account executive for more details on availability.
  • 100-150 Theater–style seating located within the Exhibit Hall stage area
  • Localized audio amplification with lapel microphone
  • 6' x 8' projected screen with LCD
  • High–speed internet connection for your use during demonstrations

Hospitality suites provide you with a private room that essentially becomes your domain for a day or evening—how you use it is up to your discretion. We recommend using the rooms as a private meeting facility for closing sales throughout the day or working with prospects with unique needs. A hospitality suite also becomes the perfect place to host a special event, user meeting, or subscriber function.

Webcasts not only extend your audience, they can multiply your leads by leveraging your workshop presentation. Thousands of viewers routinely log on to to view Webcast presentations for up to six months following the Show. Webcasts generate targeted leads, and you gain joint ownership of all leads generated through your Webcast event; each Webcast viewer opts in to receive follow-up communications from you.

Your Webcast is promoted:
  • In a series of pre-show dedicated e-mails and weekly E-letter mentions
  • Onsite in printed materials
  • Your Webcast is featured in your eBooth at the related eMoneyShow or eTradingExpo
  • Your Webcast is also featured on

A Video Network Interview is a professionally prepared, TV-quality production, maximizing your live event experience. All interviews are 2-3 minutes long and created during a 15-minute session with 2-3 segments.  We create TV-quality interviews at our live events for and its distribution partners by working with professional videographers and knowledgeable interviewers. Video Network Interviews are available for a six-month period on our Web site and are some of the most frequently visited pages on Marketing and Visibility Interviews are heavily promoted through e-mail campaigns, mentions in daily and weekly E-letters, mentions on MSN Money and other partner sites, and much more!

Each studio is professionally equipped and includes:

  • Equipment and room set-up
  • Pre-interview set-up and post-interview editing
  • Hosting and streaming on
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