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Onsite Promotions
MoneyShow has several products designed to maximize your tradeshow experience. Each product has a unique benefit designed to differentiate you from the competition. All are available on an ala carte basis or can be bundled into a sponsorship package.

A great way to put your company name, along with your product or service, in front of show attendees is to run an advertisement in the Official Show Resource Directory. The Resource Directory is the "manual" of the show and contains everything an attendee needs to make the most of their Trade Show experience. Every attendee receives a program when they register, which includes the speaker topics and times, an exhibitor listing, company profiles, speaker biographies, exhibit hall floor plan, maps, special events, prize drawings and your advertisement. Attendees refer to their program frequently through out the duration of the show and take them home to use as a reference for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of speakers and exhibitors, which can extend your ad's value long after the show ends.

These ads are effective at:
• Driving traffic to your booth
• Alerting prospects to your product presentation, hospitality suite, or event
• Building brand recognition
• Providing a past show reference tool after the show is over

Exhibitor Profiles provide a detailed description of your company. Printed in the Show's Resource Directory including your contact details as well as the Exhibitor Profile posted on our Website, the 80-word Profile is listed in alphabetical order and satisfies the demand for more information on the companies that are exhibiting. By purchasing an exhibitor profile, your company will be available to the thousands of show attendees or those that search the Show online. You can use the profile to describe your company and its benefits and drive more qualified attendees to your booth or workshop.

One of the most important stops for many attendees is our frequently visited News Stand Information Center located in the Knowledge Area. At the news stand attendees are able to find literature and information on the sponsors, exhibitors and speakers. By taking advantage of this distribution center your information is available to thousands of investors every day. The News Stand also increases awareness about your product and will allow investors to be reminded of your company and products even after they leave the show.

You can also elect to have your sales information placed directly into each registration bag, which will be handed out to all attendees. The registration bag is an excellent way of advertising, which allows for maximum creativity and flexibility in delivering your message to investors and traders as they prepare to hit the exhibit floor, workshops, or special events. Some samples of registration inserts include: company collateral materials, post cards, jump drives and CD-ROMs—you supply the insert, we will do the stuffing!

Our colorful and attention getting billboards are placed in high-traffic areas outside of the exhibit hall. Thousands of investors will pass by your billboard several times a day as they travel from the workshops to the exhibit floor. The billboards measure 38" wide by 87" high and are printed on foam board. You are able to design your own graphics and we will prepare the billboards for you.

Lead generation scanners are indispensable for all MoneyShow exhibitors. These handheld computerized devices allow you to quickly and easily scan an attendee's badge at your booth, workshop, private room, or other special event. The names are recorded electronically, and you will receive a disk or e-mail with the name, address, and available e-mail address of every person whose badge you scanned—segmented by wherever you scanned their badge, be it at your booth, product presentation, or at a special event. In other words, you don't have to write anything down. You don't have to decipher illegible handwriting, or inconvenience visitors by asking them to fill out information cards. Just scan their badge in an instant and that's it. We have even added additional features to our scanners allowing you to customize each lead you acquire. Ask your account executive how this can work for you!

Many attendees decide who to visit before they arrive at the show. Rent our attendee mailing list for the opportunity to send a direct-mail piece or E-mail to thousands of people who have pre registered for the show. Many may have never heard of you—But all of them will be at our show! Would you like to meet them? Then call your Money Show representative today and ask for details about "pre–conference" mailing list rental.If you want to reach these attendees after the show rent our official post show attendee list and directly mail or E-mail your corporate literature to investors then.
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