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The World MoneyShow

To empower and educate investors and traders globally through its community of leading financial experts, MoneyShow produces The World MoneyShow annually in four markets: the United States, England, and China. With the enhancement of global awareness as a primary thrust, each of The World MoneyShows offers critical insights from the experts into particular regional market conditions, economics, and politics that, in today’s climate of interconnectivity, impact the global picture. This unique international event attracts thousands of high-net-worth investors and active traders who gather together with world-renowned speakers, financial media, and exhibiting companies in cities such as London, Orlando, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Opportunities abound for every segment at these dynamic marketplaces where personal interaction is key, strategic education unparalleled, and the potential for profit outstanding. Exhibitors, sponsors, and media meet and connect with their target markets. Companies showcase products and services live, answer questions, and often, close sales—either on-the-spot or in future. The face-to-face networking and relationship building that occurs between all participants brings huge rewards both immediate and ongoing.

As a brand of MoneyShow, The World MoneyShow offers immediately recognizable elements and constants you can count on in every production anywhere the world. Importantly, each World MoneyShow event is customized to the region in which it is held, but its foundational elements have been honed over many years and proven to deliver success time and time again: the dedication to investor and trader education, the event formula, the marketing model wherein financial media and business partnerships are key, plus outstanding sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

In addition, thanks to today’s technology and the virtual world of, the reach of The World MoneyShow live experience is extended phenomenally and its benefits multiplied in manifold ways.

February 4-7, 2015
October 30-31, 2015
November 6-7, 2015
March 21-23, 2016

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